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Software Development

Hortensia Agency is here for you at every step of the software development lifecycle. From prototyping, to MVP, feature addition, and all the way to maintenance. We will make your idea come to reality.

Web Development

Whether a web portal or full fledged online platform, we can build it for you.


Mobile Development

Feature-packed mobile apps for iOS and Android systems.

Custom Software Development

Unique software solutions tailored to your requirements.

Game Development

Build your next video game leveraging our 3D and game art capability

Technologies We Use


Rapid Prototyping

We develop an initial UI to validate the idea with basic functionality for the app​


App Development

We work on developing the MVP and make sure it has the required features for the target market​


Launch and maintain.

We launch the product and work on adjusting the feature set based on customer feedback. ​

Case Studies

Rapid Prototyping Of Tourism Plateform

Movom is a sports tourism platform dedicated to sports fans, We worked on the UI/UX part and provide a fully-fledged prototype , and on promotional and explanotry animated videos

Case studies

Flash Planing
Advanced Project Planning SaaS Platform

Flash Planning is a saas application for project managers, planners, etc.
We worked on this project since the begging and it's still ongoing.
We helped the client establish a brand identity that reflects what the project and the applications aim for, then we moved to the UI/UX phase where at the end of it, we delivered an astonishing fully functional prototype that attracted multiple interesting investors, and now we are on the development phase.

Case Studies

Street Stars
From Idea To Ready-To-Release App!

Street stars, is our in house project . It's an online platform dedicated to street music (hip-hop with all its genres) it's a platform intended to connect artists with their fans, and provide valuable statistcs and ranking through data collection and analysing.

Case Studies

Project Curve From a little JS function To a Highly demanded App!

We got a project request from a client that asked for a JS function to do some calculations, after some suggestions from our team, we got that little function to become a little app that does simulations, after a couple of months and multiple meetings with the clients, he got impressed to what it have became it changed to complete saas application dedicated to projects simulations and forecast, the final version is still on development and will be released later this month, though the beta is live.

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We deliver great results, on time. You can ask our customers directly and see for yourself, just let us know and we'll put you in contact.

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