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Digital design
that Brings your Ideas to life

Developers, designers, and 3D specialists driven to deliver digital excellence for your business.

We Are

Hortensia Agency

Hortensia Agency designs and develops beautiful digital products that deliver business results for established corporations and startups around the world.


Web Development

Whether a web portal or full fledged online platform, we can build it for you!

Mobile Development

Feature-packed mobile apps for iOS and Android systems.

Custom Software

Unique software solutions tailored to your requirements.

UI/UX Design

Beautiful interfaces for your app that your customers would love to use, because it's made with great user experience study.

Brand Identity Design

Unique brand design that gives your product or brand the recognition it deserves!

Motion Graphics

Attractive explainer or promotional videos that customers can easily understand and enjoy.

3D Animated Shorts

3D animated short films that wow your audiance & customers.

3D Visualization

Realistic or stylised 3D renderings, photos and videos whether for a product, character, interior, or building.

Game Ready Assets

3D characters, maps and props for your video game optimized for any platform.

Technologies & Softwares
We Use

Our highly-skilled team has in-depth knowledge across a wide range of tech solutions. What’s right for one business may not be what your business needs. We take the time to get to know you, how you work, and your challenges and goals to tailor a solution for your business. And your new solution is always designed to scale up as your business overgrows.

Our Latest Project

a promotional video showcasing how the new expansion of the Port of Rades would look.

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Case Studies

Rapid Prototyping Of Tourism Plateform

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Case studies

Flash Planing
Advanced Project Planning SaaS Platform

Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit...

Case Studies

Street Stars
From Idea To Ready-To-Release App!

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We deliver great results, on time. You can ask our customers directly and see for yourself, just let us know and we'll put you in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer design, development and 3D expertise. You can count on us to create your app, platform, or videogame from start to finish. We can take over an ongoing project, or simply produce a specific deliverable as needed. Our multidisciplinary team takes care of the technical as well as the visual side, offering you a tailormade service to match your needs.

We are based in Tunisia and operate globally as a remote international team serving clients from all over the world.

For software development, we try to organize our work in a way where the first working MVP can be delivered in 4-6 weeks. That includes design, front-end development and creating a special mini-backend for testing purposes. For 3D and visual content, we first identify requirements, do our research, design initial sketches and move to high fidelity mockups, keeping our client updated throughout the process.

It depends on the project and client needs. We always begin with an initial workshop to define the deliverables, features, scope and length of the project.

We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before starting any project. So, your ideas, strategies, and other assets remain strictly confidential. Hortensia Agency also enters into stringent employment agreements and performs background checks with every employee. Through these agreements, Hortensia Agency obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by its employee that works with you. We then provide you with the intellectual property for the work that our employees create for you under our client agreement. However, if you would like the developer to sign any additional paperwork, we can ensure that your needs are met.

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